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Welcome to my mala store! Click on each Mala below to learn more about the beads that make it. Each Mala is different and your interactions with each color can change based on your mental and emotional needs. 

You can also see some of my Malas in-store at:

The Headspace - 250 N Broadway - Unit 100B, Denver, CO 80203

Above The Sky Productions - 674 Santa Fe Dr, Denver CO 80204

About Malas: 108 stones in Vedic mathematics 108 is  called a harshed (great joy) number, which is an integer divisible by the of its digits. In Tanatric systems of subtly physiology, there is said to be 108 energy channels that converge to form the heart chakra. There is 108 concentrated centers of energy in the human body.

When your Mala breaks: You should be happy, all the intention and thoughts you had while you had your Mala you are now done with. It will help make you move forward. Your broken Mala can be repaired with new thread and a new tassel, or you can choose to offer it to the earth.

Interested in a custom made Mala? Please send me an email for inquiry.

Matte Botswana Agate

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Botswana Agate is good for the root and crown chakras. Brings celestial and earthly healing into one subtle body. This stone harmonizes the physical and emotional body while working as a powerful holistic healer. Can remove conflicts, maintains well-being, and aids growth on all levels.

This specific Mala is made of very high quality Botswana Agate being lighter in color than the usual dark brown and white marble look. Has 108 beads.

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